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“You can call me a coach, strategist, consultant , or accountability
partner, I am all of those things, but my primary goal is to help
you get to the next level from where you are now!”

azalea mckinney

Are You interested in Starting, growing and Building a business online?

Imagine knowing EXACTLY what you’re meant to do-AND building a smart, successful business around it-without sacrificing the freedom you’ve been longing for.

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Hello Solopreneurs!

My name is Azalea McKinney, and I help people create a profitable business that works for them.

I am a business strategist, real estate investor, cannabis advocate, and serial entrepreneur. I absolutely love mentoring people into entrepreneurial success.  Here in Houston, Texas, I create social learning experiences for women that foster entrepreneurship and business growth.

Listen, I was once like you, working a job that I was unhappy with, determined to become my own boss so I could build a life of purpose and freedom. I found myself running in a hamster wheel, completely confused, overwhelmed, frustrated and struggling. After finally seeking and obtaining help from a business coach, I was able to develop a unique, results driven method that allowed me to succeed in my business.


I love to help people start their
dream businesses


Solopreneur Academy

The Solopreneur's best Friend™

This is my four month program which will help you stop trading your time for money, it will kill the overwhelm and helplessness you feel right now, and it will help you build a sustainable, lifestyle friendly online business that will have sales leads coming in every month.

You will be able to live life on your terms and not be a slave to the 9 – 5 rat race.

Elevate 90 Days to Success

One on One Coaching

I get it, I was once like you. You’re tired of searching the internet for hours looking for the answers to your all of business questions, only to find advice that isn’t related to your specific issue. You’re constantly overwhelmed and feel as though you have great ideas with the drive to back it up but you still feel like you’re not quite sure where.

This is where the action happens. We’ll set up a clear action plan, 90 days at a time, that will tell you EXACTLY what you need to get done each week to meet your goals.


Plan Your Biz Right VIP Strategy Day

VIP Opportunity

It can be tempting to rush into things without thinking about frameworks, funnels, leads, sales and models. But getting the strategy and planning right from the beginning will save you time and energy, prevent unnecessary mistakes, and set you up for success from day one.

The Plan Your Biz Right Strategy Day is a one-of-a-kind VIP opportunity to give your business the road map it needs to fill your services and programs with ideal customers, all in a one-day intensive here in Houston, TX at my office space.

Ready to be my business bestie?

Are you ready for entrepreneurship?

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