6 Money Mistakes Business Owners Make – Episode 101

Poor money management has been the cause of more  business failures than any other single issue. And it’s no wonder. We  aren’t born knowing how to manage money. Most of us aren’t taught how to  handle it either. We figure it out along the way, through much trial  and error.

In this episode of Success, Sanity & Stilettos, I  talk about the 6 MONEY Mistakes most business owners make in starting,  building and growing their business.


Azalea  McKinney is a consultant & coach who works with women entrepreneurs  at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey helping them to  create the business of their dreams and the lifestyle they desire.

This  weekly podcast is a labor of love for those interested in getting their  seatbelts tucked in for this entrepreneurial roller coaster.

A  successful entrepreneur, Azalea left the Corporate America after the  unexpected success of her e-commerce business and has never looked back.  She successfully ran her own weight-loss med-spa for over 3 years  before deciding to use her expertise to help other fabulous women  entrepreneurs achieve incredible levels of success in their business.

Azalea resides in Houston, TX, living the true city lifestyle with her beautiful daughters, Ashley and Malayah.


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Did you realize that as a Certified Business Strategist, I coach solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners on these very topics?  

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