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Plan Your Biz Right Strategy Sessions

Hey Hustle Buddy,


Annual business planning allows you to step back from the day-to-day tasks and look at the big picture. My, PLAN YOUR BIZ RIGHT WORKBOOK & STRATEGY SESSION allows you to take this on…with some help!


We will meet (virtually or in-person) to go over the 8 steps in my PLAN YOUR BIZ RIGHT WORKBOOK that address a variety of components necessary to make a powerful, yet practical plan. First, you’ll learn how to develop a plan that ensures your big goals aren’t overshadowed by your day-to-day business responsibilities. Then we’ll consider family obligations, evaluate your systems, and plan for new hires. Essentially, we will set goals, decide on strategies, and focus on where you want your business to go.




Intro: The Power of Good Planning
Step 1: Start with the Big Rocks Worksheet
Step 2: Consider Your Family Obligations Worksheet
Step 3: Check Your System Capacity Worksheet
Step 4: Plan for New Hires Worksheet
Step 5: Leave Space for Personal & Professional Growth Worksheet
Step 6: Smooth Out Your Cash FlowCash Flow 101 Positive Cash Flow
Worksheet: Smooth Out Your Cash Flow
Step 7: Plan Your Marketing Marketing Strategies Worksheet
Step 8: Be Flexible Worksheet


In addition to the workbook, you’ll get a recorded 2-hour strategy session. In our planning, we will also set aside time for personal and professional growth for the year, taking steps to ensure your cash flow is in check, and determine how to best market your products and services. Lastly, we will go over the importance of remaining open and flexible to opportunities or circumstances that may change your plans.Listen, most people know the idea of planning is good, but don’t take the time or effort to learn how to plan effectively.

This is why you need your business bestie.


“You can’t reach a business goal you haven’t set.”

As you utilize the information and worksheets you’ll set yourself up to take your business to the next level.

Let’s get started!

Multipassionate Serial Entprepreneur, Azalea McKinney