Consulting - Azalea McKinney | The Solopreneur’s Best Friend™
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Sometimes you need an outside perspective, someone to tell you what to do, or to help you work out the next steps.

That’s where The Solopreneur’s Best Friend™ Consulting Session comes in.

It’s a 60-minute on the phone/in person session with Azalea to help you get where you want to go, get out of your own way AND pretty much just get IT DONE! This session is designed to go through all the challenges and needs of your business. Growing presents many obstacles and even the best of us can feel stuck or lost. Performing at the level it takes to sustain a business that earns six or seven figures can be all-consuming and overwhelming. Simply putting another set of eyes on the problem are all it takes to help you get to the NEXT LEVEL.

How the Consulting Session Works

The first thing you need to know if you’re considering this consultation session is that its not coaching. Coaching is a co-creative process. In this aspect, I’m a consultant. Advising is something that consultants do, and in asking a Consultant for advice, you are asking for answers and solutions and action steps you should take to reach a certain result. I’m going to tell you what to do based on my professional experience.

Here’s what’s included with your Consulting Session:

  • Prep work before the call so we can get to know you and get down to business
  • 60-minute consulting call with Azalea
  • Follow-up report delivered within 72 business hours of your call
  • A recording of your session upon request

About Azalea

There’s never been a better time to start your own business.

But let’s face it: It can be scary to put yourself out there and tackle the business side of things. Fortunately, you’re not alone!

“Hi! I am Azalea McKinney, a multi-passionate serial entrepreneur with passion for small business. I focus on your skills and knowledge and turn it into cash all from the comfort of your home. There are too many fluffy ‘digital strategists’ and ‘branding experts’ who tell you to post 6 times a day, create a vision board and make sure you have the right colors and fonts, but they can’t connect a single piece of strategy to the tools you need. Simply put, there is too much ‘fru-fru’ and not enough HOW-TO.
When you hire me, I tell the exact strategy you need, the specific software systems you need in place, the sequence and funnels needed to make the most money and guess what else? I’ve been there done that and I’m ready to help you!”

Multipassionate Serial Entprepreneur, Azalea McKinney


Awesome! I can’t wait to be your new business bestie!

To get started, you’ll need to secure your session below for $250

Once your session is secured, I’ll reach out to you with a questionnaire to help me help you!

Fill the pre-work out and get it back to me then we can book the date/time.

That’s it. Then we meet and I’m now your new business bestie!


“She gets things done and offers some great insights on improvements – often going above and beyond to make something the best!”
Shannon P
“Responsive, timely, organized, engaging and a great systems person!”
Caroline H.
Life Coach for Creatives