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Learn how to identify your PROFIT PLATFORM


Learn how to REFINE your IDEAS and build REVENUE



The 4 Week Plan! Self-Guided Course

Learn to MASTER the 1 thing that everyone screws up when starting and launching their online business and… 

Get a detailed outline of the 9 steps to creating and launching an online business (bonus checklist will be sent for this masterclass)

How to write goals for your business and map out the next 90 days, 6 months or even year
The MOST EFFECTIVE ways to market your products and services throughout your entrepreneurial journey

How to develop your business’s vision and mission

How to write a magnetizing message that attracts the clients you want to work with 
The MOST EFFECTIVE ways to market your products and services throughout your entrepreneurial journey
Generous Q&A time. So bring your questions!! Anyone who has attended past webinars know how much I LOVE this part, so bring it!

How to set up discovery calls that result in paying clients for your business

What goes into your brand and why it’s important

If you have been looking for the answers to your most burning questions about creating and launching your biz, your search stops NOW! Let me show you how.
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Wondering what you need for biz success?

Imagine knowing EXACTLY what you’re meant to do-AND building a smart, successful business around it-without sacrificing the freedom you’ve been longing for.

Download my proven checklists designed to help you strategize your business success.

    48-Hour Self-Study Workbook!

    My original 4 week plan has NOW been streamlined into a 48 Hour accelerated step-by-step workbook that is designed to move you closer to your entrepreneurial dreams by providing exactly the information you need, right when you need it. No more floundering; no more chaos; no more confusion.

    Topics include:

    "It’s important to realize that starting a business is much more than a logo and slogan. It's really about the SALES, SYSTEMS and STRUCTURE needed for SUCCESS."

    -Azalea McKinney

    Hey best friend!

    “I don’t want to just teach you how to start or scale your business. I want to teach you how to create generational wealth. There’s levels to this entrepreneur life & I want to help you reach your full potential. If your business ideas are all over the place and you don’t know where to start or you don’t know what kind of business to invest in these products can help. If you follow my directions to launch your business right and then scale it by putting in the effort to do the work YOU WILL SUCCEED. These products are foundational. They will help you make money in ANY industry. If you’re ready to stop the excuses and see your success, I’ll see you on the inside!”
    Azalea McKinney
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    What Clients Are Saying

    What Clients Are Saying