Imagine accelerating your life in ONE DAY!

VIP Intensives will challenge and support you to achieve even your loftiest of goals.

They are created with a focused intent to address all aspects of your business and your success!


A VIP Intensive is a Premium Service

For people who want a complete business or systems turn-around, real and sustainable results, and who want an upgrade in revenue and to have more time to lead a life they always knew was waiting for them. These sessions will empower you with the focus, strategy, and accountability you need to achieve extraordinary results in the most important areas of your life.

There’s no better feeling than knowing the exact steps to take to accomplish an important goal. Knowing the right sequence of steps, from your first to your last, to achieve the biggest results with the least amount of time and effort is even better!

During our time together you will get crystal clear about what you most want to accomplish and how. This means no more struggling, no more guessing, and no more confusion.

You will develop a clear strategy designed to fit your particular situation, lifestyle and goals. Together we will map out the perfect customized plan to help you stay on track and take your life to the next level.

Regardless of which VIP Intensive you choose, you will walk away with powerful new insights, strategies, and plans that will change your life – forever.

Systems in a day – Intensive!

(Looking for some really focused strategies and advice for immediate implementation that will get you working smarter not harder overnight?)  Join me for a SYSTEMS IN A DAY – Intensive! 

Want to know the secret to being able to truly scale your business, where your business shows up and works for you – not the other way around?

It’s by having cohesive systems working inside your business to make your client journey effortless and efficient.

But, having business systems within your business is more than just emails and technology working for you. It’s mapping out a journey that is logical for you and your clients. A path that will smoothly from Point A to Point B without skipping a beat or losing them in the meanwhile.

In the Systems in a Day Intensive!, we will look at 5 internal business systems that each high-functioning coach should have. They are: Client Acquisition, Onboarding, Follow-Up, Client Retention, and Brand Ambassador Maker.

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Things we will work On...

What's included...

plan your business right – VIP DAY

Are you so full of ideas and goals and dreams that you’re not sure where to begin to make them happen?

Do you find yourself going around in circles, stopping and starting and never seeming to make the sort of progress you desire?

Would you like to work with someone who will shine a light on the

opportunities before you and pave the way for you to create the success that you desire? To make it easy for you to move step by step in the direction of your dreams?

Are you ready to stop, take stock and create a plan so that you can finally PLAN YOUR BIZ RIGHT?

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Things we will work On...

This session gives you access to my Launch Your Biz Right and Plan Your Biz Right! Toolkit, a unique bundle of secret-weapon strategies, cheat sheets, inspiration and actions for growth. Together, we’ll identify your business goals and the specific action steps that you’ll take to get there. Every light bulb moment will lead you to faster, easier problem solving, more satisfying customer connections, and rapid growth both in and outside the office.

You will walk away with a framework, and step-by-step strategy for moving your business and cash position forward.

Your profit platform intensive!

Did you know that there is a proper and orderly way to work your prospects into your business and to your high ticket offers? We call it YOUR PROFIT PLATFORM otherwise known as a business funnel.

Creating an effective and efficient funnel allows you to leverage your time and energies, generate more revenue, and scale your business in a fraction of the time than if you didn’t have one.

A funnel, whether for your complete business or for your

course/mastermind/retreat is like a monster machine that moves your prospects along an amazing client journey.

As your funnel strategist, I work with you and your business vision to create a customized funnel of a low, medium, and high ticket offers that will increase your client leads, strengthen your connection with your audience, and grow your brand ambassadors.

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Things we will work On...

What's included...

REGARDLESS of which one you choose; the support doesn’t end after our initial session. I want to check in to see how you are doing…

We will schedule a Follow-Up Coaching Call (50-minute coaching call) one month after your VIP Day / Intensive to assess where you are, celebrate your progress, revisit areas that need assistance or any new area of your business that needs extra attention

Your VIP Day Timeline...

4-6 Weeks Before Your VIP Day

Once you’re accepted for a VIP Day, Pay your deposit & sign your contract to secure your VIP Day, we’ll schedule your kickoff call, and complete your Pre-VIP brand work. Booking 4-6 weeks ahead of time allows you time to complete your pre-work & for me to prepare necessary materials for your day

3-5 Weeks Before Your VIP Day

We’ll have an hour kickoff call! During this call, we will review your Pre-Work and discuss your dream clients, brand goals, services, etc.  During this call, you can share all your wants and needs of your new brand and we’ll go over the flow of your VIP Day.


Not sure which is right for you? Drop me a message and let’s figure it out together.