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Hi! I’m Azalea McKinney, and I help people create profitable businesses that work for them—not the other way around.

As a serial entrepreneur, I know that trying to run your business all alone can be tiring and frustrating. What’s worse, the stress of handling each and every day-to-day task leaves you burnt out and makes it hard for you to focus on what you’re truly passionate about: providing clients with exceptional service and helping them transform their lives.

I learned there was a better way to build my business, and I’ve shared my methods with dozens of clients. Now I want to share it with you!

Here’s what I do:

Ultimately, I give you the systems and sales strategies you need to take your business to the next level and reach your full potential. Plainly, I like to get you to the money!

Let me show you just how far you can go!

P.S. Want to make sure your next launch goes off without a hitch? I got you! My digital marketing agency, Digital Launch Solutions, specializes in creating funnels, launch management & strategy for digital products and courses , and ensuring that all of our clients are set up for success.

Services offered

You didn’t start your business to work harder, earn less, and constantly stress yourself out. I’ll help you bring your vision for your business—a vision that doesn’t include burnout, self doubt, and working overtime—to life!

Here’s how I can help:

CRM/Systems Set-up Services

Launch & Funnel Solutions

Business Coaching/ Consulting

VIP DAYS / Intensives

“Granted, my life isn’t perfect. I’ve definitely overcome some tremendous obstacles to be where I am today but I can honestly say I have the best job in the world. I feel absolutely blessed to be able to spend my days doing what I love – and at the same time help other women do what they love too.”

Azalea Mckinney

The Solopreneur's Best Friend™

As THE SOLOPRENEUR’S BEST FRIEND™ Azalea helps people find ways to produce income with their ideas. As a consultant + strategist, she walks clients through a proven system of intuitive strategy + inspired actions to map out their business goals, strategy, branding, marketing, to launch. Let me ask you a question: Are you living your dream, or dreaming your dream? If you have big, inspiring dreams for a fantastic business that is going to bring you happiness, success and fulfillment, then treat me as your BUSINESS BEST FRIEND!

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To apply for private coaching with Azalea, the first step is set up a 20-minute, free consultation with her.

What Clients Are Saying

What Clients Are Saying