My Monday Rules for Sanity

It’s Monday morning–early. Soon, my Instagram feed will start to fill up with “I hate Monday!” and “Looks like Monday snuck up on us again!” posts. To which I respond, “Oh no…It’s MONEY MAKING MONDAY”


Monday is full of possibilities. Monday gives you a whole week to look forward to! I like to take time on Monday morning to review my schedule and plan for the week. See what is coming up, with whom I need to speak, and what needs to be done. I do try to wrap lots of things up on Fridays so I don’t get hit with old stuff on Mondays (although that isn’t always possible). But, Monday is the time to start fresh.


For me, having a Monday routine is key to sanity. You’re coming off the weekend and by the time you check your email in the morning you can have an inbox full of new projects and tasks. It can be overwhelming and if you don’t have a routine your day is not your own anymore.


I keep Mondays free of:

+ client calls and meetings
+ personal appointments
+ errands


Sundays, I make a list of my priorities for the week so I’m not waking up without a clear plan of what I’m going to tackle first.

I’ve also adjusted task deadlines to Thursdays or Fridays to free up more time on Mondays.

Small changes like the ones above can make a huge difference in how your work week starts.

Monday for Solopreneurs

Instead of feeling oppressed by the start of the week, Mondays help me back into a working routine. Mondays are busy, buzzy and full of routine and familiar, comforting patterns. Changing the way I operate my Monday has changed it from the worst day of the week to the most exciting.


What is your routine for Mondays?  Share with me below!

Multipassionate Serial Entprepreneur, Azalea McKinney


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